Environmental Commitment, Lonavity Van parked at Whisky Creek in BC by a mountain, a beautiful sun. Lonavity is eco-responsible donates to reduce the carbon footprint.



How is Lonavity supporting an Eco-Friendly Commitment to the Environment?

Lonavity supports the environmental sustainability

We want to protect our eco-system and preserve the planet's environment for our generation to come


Lonavity is an eco-responsible company, and we’re passionate about van conversions. We took several months of research to offer you the best eco-friendly options in the market for your van.

We have designed kits with reliable and sustainable products. We assemble all the pieces and add great products to the kits. These ready-to-install van kits are designed to save you time in your van conversion project, we also offer an installation service.

Giant Cedar Creek hiking in Wood. Road trip with the van conversion.jpg
San Josef Bay hiking in Wood. Did a road trip with the van conversion

Green Commitment

We also offer eco-friendly custom van conversion we focus on comfort, functionality, and competitive prices. We provide quality products and implement cutting-edge technologies to ensure that our layouts are designed for total autonomy.

To encourage circular economy, we rent out our Lonavity van, this gives you the advantage of trying out the Vanlife to see how much fun it is and to meet the community. 

Lonavity will donate for every van conversion and kit purchased to support our lovely planet

Plant Trees

We are in partners with Abre-Evolution to support them in their mission to planting trees and educate the community on forest management. We want to ensure forests will last for generations to come.

Planting more trees helps on many levels: it cleans the air, reduces atmospheric carbon dioxide, protects against flooding, cleans the water, and also protects wildlife and plants.

A beautiful forest in British Columbia. Plant more trees to help our wildlife and plants.