Driving Kootney National Park in BC in Lonavity Van Conversion





We are here to answer your questions not covered below.

We encourage you to contact us with any concerns or questions before renting the van.

You will have peace of mind knowing that you have insurance coverage and protection for your trip.

The Lonavity van was approved and is covered by RVezy’s top-of-the-range insurance.

Rent the Lonavity van to travel across Canada.

Sunset at Lac-Mégantic in Québec, Vanlife


What is covered?

Liability: A $2 million in liability coverage for renters and owners. Liability covers you if you cause physical injury and or damage to someone else’s property while using the van.

Collisions: The cost of the repairs for any claimed and approved damages related to the van that gets into contact with another vehicle or object during the rental period.

Comprehensive: The cost of repairs and or replacement for non-collision-related incidents that occur during the rental period such as awning, fire, vandalism, and theft.

Standard accident benefits: Industry-standard accident benefits coverage during the rental period.

Van parked at Baie-Sainte Catherine, found a boondocking spot by the river

Insurance costs

You have 2 choices either standard or premium insurance protection during the booking process.

The protection for both standard and premium plans is the same except for the nightly rate and claim deductible. If you need to file a claim, the deductible is the amount of money you must pay before and the insurance pays for the rest.

Standard protection has a lower nightly rate with a higher deductible. Depending on the RV, deductibles cost between $1.500 to $3.000.

Premium protection has a higher nightly rate with a lower deductible. Depending on the RV, deductibles cost between $500 to $2.000.

In case of an accident or collision, any claim will be handled by RVezy. Lonavity will be responsible for opening the insurance claim on the RVezy website, and a member of the Resolution Team will contact both the owner and the renter to collect the necessary information.


The security deposit is an amount set by Lonavity to help quickly resolve minor incidents that don’t require an insurance claim. For example, a stained seat cushion might require deep cleaning.

The security deposit is charged to the renter’s credit card three days before the trip start date. If the trip results in additional charges from overages or damages, all parties will agree to the charges during the closeout, and RVezy will deduct the agreed-upon amount from the security deposit. Any remaining balance will then be refunded to the renter.

There is an in-house support team to help resolve disputes or insurance claims when required directly through the RVezy website.


To have complete peace of mind during your trip, RVezy offers 24-hour roadside assistance for as little as $18 per night.

The roadside assistance coverage includes the following services:

— 2 towing services of up to 140 km each from the place of breakdown to the closest garage, OR one tow of 280 km from the place of breakdown to the closest garage

— Tire replacement (not including the cost of the replacement tire)

— Battery assistance (not available for house batteries)

— Food spoilage protection (in the event of fridge failure)

— Locksmith services

— Fuel or fluid delivery (up to $50)

— Meal reimbursement (up to $100)

— Taxi reimbursement (up to $50)

— Hotel accommodations (up to $400)

— Rental car for 2 days or up to $15 (authorization required)

Vanlife Emerald Lake Roadtrip to BC

What to do if you need roadside assistance?

In the event of a breakdown or mechanical failure, RVezy’s roadside coverage will ensure that you can get safely to the nearest repair facility. The Access Roadside number is 1-866-227-2213. They will ask for your booking number and your roadside assistance certificate.

Lonavity will be responsible to pay for any mechanical repairs. Once at the garage contact Lonavity at 819-592-8611 to keep us updated.

Note: You can use this service without the coverage, but you’ll be responsible for any associated costs.