Discover the ultimate van adventure companion: Ekko Custom L-Shape Bench. Tailored to perfection by Lonavity, this bench is designed to enhance your van journey. Let Lonavity bring your dream van adventure to life with bespoke craftsmanship and unparalleled comfort. Explore the possibilities today!



Winnebago EKKO Custom Comfort: Tailored L-Shape Bench Conversions for Your Van Adventure!

Let us show you our latest custom furniture project!

Meticulously crafted with precision and passion, our custom furniture seamlessly integrates into your EKKO Winnebago, elevating its style and functionality. This adaptable addition transforms your Winnebago into a dynamic space, perfect for dining, relaxing, and organizing essentials on your adventures.

Lonavity offers customized options for your EKKO. We can tailor everything to your specifications and style preferences from the bench seat to the smallest detail. Your EKKO becomes unique, reflecting your individuality and needs with precision and excellence.

Discover the limitless customization for your Winnebago Ekko adventures with Lonavity, and the journey will be as exciting as the destination.

Lonavity van parked by the Gatineau River beach, beautiful sunset

We have the solution for you, we also offer all types of ready-to-install kits to help you progress on your van conversion project.

Choose to install them yourself or we offer an installation service.

Now you can spend more time planning your adventure to achieve your dreams faster.