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Custom van conversions: Designed to meet your every requirement!

We present our latest custom van furniture project!

Crafted to perfection from premium birch wood, our custom furniture features a luxurious satin finish that radiates elegance and sophistication. At Lonavity, we pride ourselves on our ability to bring your vision to life with our craftsmanship in tailored furniture.

We’re committed to supporting local businesses, such as the epoxy countertops such as the epoxy countertops, offering customizable lighting for the perfect ambiance. The upper cabinets provide ample storage space, while the lower cabinets feature an elegant sink and water system for culinary adventures.

Through our attention to detail and commitment to quality, each piece is meticulously crafted to meet your unique needs and preferences, reflecting your style and practical requirements. Discover the best local craftsmanship, and functional designs for your comfort with our custom furniture, upgrade your van to new heights of luxury and practicality today!

Lonavity van parked by the Gatineau River beach, beautiful sunset

We have the solution for you, we also offer all types of ready-to-install kits to help you progress on your van conversion project.

Choose to install them yourself or we offer an installation service.

Now you can spend more time planning your adventure to achieve your dreams faster.