Lonavity offers custom van conversion and specializes in designing vans for full autonomy. Picture of both owners of Lonavity
About Lonavity, picture of owner Roxanne and Marc. Lonavity offers custom van conversion and specializes in designing vans for full autonomy




Through our innovation journey, creative thinking, and research our van conversion design is leading-edge technology.

We are constantly investing in technology and research to make sure we offer you an out of the ordinary adventure. 


He loves the outdoors and travelling with his van. He has travelled all over Canada. 

He has a passion for Vanlife and many years of experience in carpentry, plumbing and electricity.

He decided to start converting vans to share his passion and offer the opportunity to travel, explore and be part of this great community.

Explore endless possibilities with Lonavity's van conversion customization options and designs. From sleek interiors to rugged exteriors, discover your perfect van transformation. Meet Marc, the adventurer traveling with a van to BC, and embark on your own journey of exploration and discovery. Unleash your wanderlust with Lonavity.
What is Lonavity vision


Providing the opportunity to enjoy the nomadic lifestyle through a customized van conversion in an environmentally responsible manner.


Promote the circular economy by offering van rentals and eco-friendly custom van conversions to our customers who wish to enjoy the nomadic lifestyle experience.

Lonavity custom van conversion, travailing in Quebec at l'Ile d'Orleans, sleeping at the church parking lot in the van
Experience the ultimate adventure and find inspiration with Lonavity's van rental offerings. Discover unparalleled freedom on the open road while soaking in breathtaking views. Meet Roxanne, who captured the essence of van life at a van festival with Nomade. Fuel your wanderlust and create unforgettable memories with Lonavity.

Meet Roxanne

She prefers to sleep in her van than in her bed at home. The landscapes are always different, from the beach to nature to the mountains.

She has always been very manual and artistic. Her design and ideas are an asset to convert vans. She enjoys meeting Vanlifers and helping them achieve their dreams.


Lonavity offers custom van conversion and specializes in designing vans for full autonomy. This will bring you closer to nature and enjoy a life of excitement, freedom, and connectivity. 

The founders of Lonavity are enthusiastic skiers, paddleboarders, bikers, travellers and Vanlifers. Being able to take off with their vans and drive to wherever the wind brings them and the flexibility to make a last-minute decision on where to sleep while they are out there. Our vans were specifically designed for any adventure you crave.

Lonavity purpose we build kits for your van and a complete package
Lonavity road-tested the built was road-tested during a trip across Canada


They have road-tested during a trip across Canada and we think you’ll love the features.

Lonavity cares about the environment and wants to reduce our carbon footprint. Our eco-friendly custom van conversion designs have a combination of sustainable products, and our focus is quality, simplicity, and durability.

Check out our blog on our eco-friendly products.