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The insulated door liner is an essential accessory designed to protect the interior of your van. Including three panels, one for the side doors and two for the rear doors, this durable solution protects your van from potential damage caused by moving objects during transit. Made with DuraTherm insulated wall coverings, these panels offer excellent durability.

The noise-deadening capabilities and temperature control properties of these liners create a comfortable environment in your van. Constructed with lightweight materials and pre-precision-cut to fit each specific vehicle, installation is a breeze. The textured surface enhances durability, while the pre-drilled holes facilitate a fast setup process. Featuring dual polypropylene outer skins laminated to a core of ribbed plastic, complemented by foam and foil insulation backing, these liners achieve an impressive R-value of 4–6, ensuring exceptional thermal regulation.

Moreover, the Legend Fleet Insulated DuraTherm Door Panels provide an additional layer of protection for your van’s metal doors. These panels mitigate noise disturbances and shield against dents, scuffs, and scrapes. The insulating film and foam layers help to absorb noise and control temperature, ensuring a smooth, comfortable ride.

Installing these panels is effortless, thanks to the included self-drilling screws and pre-drilled holes. Precision-cut from lightweight, scratch-resistant plastic, these door liners are engineered to perfectly custom-fit your van, preserving its interior.