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This sleek and modern design of the Lagun table system is perfect for your van. Eliminate your wobbly table and get peace of mind.

The Lagun table system has quick and easy locks on each junction which allows a solid hold it will always remain stable during the trip. It rotates right where you want it, or out of the way and locks in any position you choose. It can also be moved to additional mounting plate points in seconds.

You can use your old tabletop or Lonavity makes custom tabletops contact us for more details.

The Lagun is easy to install and in practically no time. The pieces all connect at the lower part of the table base for easy storage and a snap to set up or takedown. Stabilize your active lifestyle with a Lagun Table System!


Please note that the mounting plate must be installed on a solid vertical surface.

Lagun Table System Specification:

— From the bottom of the leg to the top of the table, mounting plate is 231/2″.
— Swivels 360 degrees on two points.
— Total maximum weight is 50 lb (includes the tabletop and anything you put on the tabletop).
— Maximum tabletop size is 30″ × 40″.
— Does NOT include a tabletop, but in most cases, you can reuse your existing tabletop.
— All parts are also available separately to keep your Lagun working for years of use.
— Salt water can’t harm the Lagun.

    Included in the kit:

    — Arm
    — Standard Leg
    — Table Mounting Plate
    — Bracket
    — Hardware Kit (1 Teak Board, 2 Wedges, 4 Stainless Steel Bolts, 4 Nuts, 4 Washers)


      Product Measurements
      Arm with ends caps 16″
      Arm without ends caps 153/4
      Arm centre of bushing 123/4
      Standard Leg with the splined tap 213/4
      Standard Leg alum tube 1911/16
      Standard Leg Groove from the bottom of the leg 111/2
      Table Mounting Plate 77/8″ x 11 13/16
      Bracket 31/2 × 7″
      Teak Board 611/16″ x 9 3/8″ and 1/2″ thick
      Wedges 3/16″
      Stainless Steel Bolts, nuts, washers 8 mm × 2″


      The Key Features of the Lagun Table are: Swivelling 360° on two points, Rotating Hand Lock Sleek Modern Design, Stable Table Saltwater resistant, Maximum Capacity 50 lb. Separate parts are available to keep your Lagun working for years of use.

      Relax with friends, get some work done on your laptop or prepare your favourite meal this is the perfect table to meet your needs.

      Whether you are on the road or chilling at your favourite spot, it is always stable. The Lagun Table System can also move rapidly and effortlessly out of the way to have more room in your vehicle.

      Now it’s not necessary to put your table away while cruising on the road. The Lagun Table System will remain in place exactly where you want.


      Placement of the bracket is very important as the Lagun Table Leg System requires a solid foundation. The bracket must be installed on a solid vertical surface. Attaching it to only a piece of panelling or fibreglass is not adequate.

      Yes. You can purchase additional brackets to be able to move your Lagun to another location. By installing an additional bracket on the outside of your camper, in your boat or at the end of your countertop, you can utilize the system in many ways.

      No, the tabletop is not included. Most people can reuse their existing tabletop or contact us we do custom tabletop.

      The maximum weight is 50 lb, this includes the tabletop and anything you put on top of it.

      CAUTION: Leaning or excessive pushing on the tabletop can damage parts of the Lagun Table Leg.


      1. Loosen the handle on the leg & remove the Lagun Table Leg from the permanently installed bracket.
      2. Flip your table top onto a protected flat surface.
      3. Loosen the handle that links the arm & leg.
      4. Remove the leg from the arm.
      5. Slide the leg onto the table mounting plate to store under your table top.
      6. Make sure all handles are secured & positioned appropriately. 

      You can install up to a 30″ × 40″ tabletop. The table mounting plate should be as centred as possible on the tabletop.

      No, there are no hinges to allow that to happen. However, you can easily disassemble the pieces. This allows you to store the entire (except for the installed bracket) Lagun Table Leg System under the tabletop. 

      CAUTION! The “Original Lagun” is NOT sold on Amazon. Similar items sold on Amazon are poor quality, painted Chinese knockoffs that do not function well and are NOT compatible with “Original Lagun” parts.