Sprinter Aluminium Roof Rack

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The aluminum Sprinter roof rack—is your solution for maximizing space and style in your Mercedes Sprinter van. This exclusive design is designed with the outdoor adventurer at heart and offers elegant aesthetics and trouble-free installation. Say goodbye to drilling—the innovative system ensures a seamless installation process. Enhance the capabilities and aesthetics of your Sprinter with lightweight, durable aluminum roof bars. Explore with confidence, knowing your gear is well-stowed and the integrity of your van remains intact. Upgrade your Sprinter experience today.

This versatile solution is perfect for professionals and adventurers looking to convert their Ram ProMaster for their travel experience.

You can add extra insulation to increase the R-value, allowing you to use your van in all four Canadian seasons. The panels also act as a thermal barrier, ensuring optimum temperature regulation. Installation is simple and the price is affordable, making it the ideal solution for DIY van conversions.

In addition, the kit includes aluminum top sills to hide your cables and add a touch of style, this upgrade perfectly combines function and elegance.

The ceiling liner and the aluminum sills are designed to fit your van perfectly, and are lightweight and easy to clean, making them a trouble-free addition to your van. Say goodbye to complicated installations and hello to effortless conversions.

Upgrade your van with our insulated ceiling liner and discover the perfect combination of practicality and sophistication.